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Our Staff & Accreditations


Owner, Director, Teacher

I have always had a passion for creating appropriate curriculums that suit different developmental stages of children ages 2 to 5. I have interests in cooking, crafting, and gardening – all of which I have successfully implemented in my preschool childcare programs. I enjoy talking to the children about their personal interests, answering their questions in an appropriate manner and encouraging their natural curiosity in useful and worldly subjects appropriate for their age.


Administrator, Teacher

HI! I'm Kelsey! I am 28 years old born and raised in Austin, Texas and currently live with my younger brother, dog and cat. Prior to joining the family business, I worked for 9 years in the restaurant business as a server and manager. Some of my roles here at Honey Bear include graphic designer, recordkeeping and teaching. I love teaching because I consider every child in my care to be my best friend. 



My name is Margaret, but everyone calls me Meg. I graduated from Texas State December 2022. My degree was Psychology with a minor in Human development in family sciences. I currently live in San Marcos, Texas. In my free time I love to paddle board on the river! I've worked in childcare for almost 2 years, and my goal is to be a Children’s therapist or a teacher! 

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